A Morning Routine to Maximize and Enjoy the Day

A Morning Routine to Maximize and Enjoy the Day

Morning routines are wonderful for taking time for ourselves and setting our course for the day. They can prevent us from feeling scattered, and allow us to enter the mindset we want to carry forth in all our daily activities.

My morning routine has been a dear ally for quite some time, so I’ve decided to share. Perhaps it’ll help you too :)

Blockchain 2038 (The Future Myth)

Blockchain 2038 (The Future Myth)

February 27, 2038

We live in a world where people live symbiotically with nature. We value our harmony with all other entities. We recognize that there is nothing to extract, and only everything to share. Energy transfers from one form to another and from one set of hands to the next. We do not own, but instead temporarily hold . . .

Enjoy, Celebrate and Play Every Day

Enjoy, Celebrate and Play Every Day

Toronto. 2013. Age 25.

I was taking everything so seriously that I stopped getting boners and considered putting a bullet in my brain.

I was working as the vice president of an advertising agency, the co-founder of a startup in the gaming industry, and was training intensely ten or more times each week.

I wanted to serve my clients, launch a successful company and attain financial freedom. I wanted to achieve a one-arm handstand, a one-arm chin-up and a 400-pound squat. I wanted to be at my peak every moment of my life.

I was going to bed early, so that I could wake up early. I had amazing friends, but it became difficult to share quality time with them. After all, I had to rise at 7 a.m to work on my handstand. And, I had to ensure that I had proper nutrition and sleep to get the most out of my training.

If I was tired, I had to push through and work harder. There’s no such thing as overtraining. There’s only undertraining, I thought. Plus, I don’t deserve more rest. I spend eight to ten hours per day at a standing desk. That’s rest enough, I told myself, ignoring the fact that I was orchestrating client advertising strategies and trying to launch a startup during those hours.

While I ate, I listened to educational and self-development podcasts. When I had openings in my schedule, I read books, or I trained strength and mobility for a third time that day. All so that I could do more, accomplish more, and be more.

Do We Live in a Simulation? Because I just Woke Up Outside of It

Do We Live in a Simulation? Because I just Woke Up Outside of It

Have you had a similar experience? I woke up outside the simulation, and I'd love to connect with others who have as well.

Currently, Elon Musk and others are investing millions of dollars to see if we can break through the simulation. It'd be great to connect with them to discuss advancing this effort. Please share this video widely and comment with your feedback.

11 Keys to Living a Liberated Life

11 Keys to Living a Liberated Life

Recently, I've been asked about the practices I use to live a liberated life. I've been asked a number of times, so I've created this post as a means of sharing for anyone who's interested:

To live a liberated life, I think one best focus on oneself.

When we love ourselves deeply by cultivating an infinite amount of self love, we feel whole. As expressions of the same oneness, I find that when I feel whole (which I am), all feels whole. 

I think we need to be uncompromising in the love we express to ourselves. I'll share with you some of the practices and tools I use to do so:

Just Move

Just Move

One of the most important aspects of our being—something that will help all of us realize our highest and most authentic selves—is misunderstood by 99% of people.

The thing I’m talking about is movement.

Movement is one of the most foundational elements to health and happiness. Exploring the realms of physicality expands our consciousness. The world begins to feel more like a playground, and life more like a dance. 

In modern culture, many people feel limited by their physical vessels, but that need not be the case. You're navigating three-dimensional reality in a spaceship called the body. And, the body is your gift! Your gift to experience, play with, and explore . . .

There is no human endeavour not enhanced by the freedom that comes with a healthy and able body. Each day, we are given the opportunity to expand our movement capacity.

What if Everything is the Opposite? And, Human Beings as the Sex Organs of the Machine World

What if Everything is the Opposite? And, Human Beings as the Sex Organs of the Machine World

What if everything is the opposite--or, at least radically different--than what we perceive it to be?

What if, instead of human beings being the creator of computers, computers actually use us to create them?

What if, instead of human beings being the inventors of automobiles, we're actually being used by automobiles to birth them into existence?

We think that we domesticated wheat (during the agricultural revolution), but what if wheat actually domesticated humanity?

What if plant medicines, like Ayahuasca and mushrooms, are actually using humans to spread their consciousness and their species?

This video explores these questions and more.

Seeing the Future, Telepathically Communicating with Music & Other Superhuman Abilities

Seeing the Future, Telepathically Communicating with Music & Other Superhuman Abilities

For almost a year, I was caught in a cycle of constantly wanting to eat. I love food, and while I had no trouble maintaining my desired body composition, part of my mind was always on food. Most nights, I would overeat. I’d then compensate by fasting until the following afternoon.

I see tremendous benefits from fasting, but not as many benefits when the fasts consistently follow a period of overeating.

Since September, I haven’t overeaten once. I’ve released the behaviour. As my new eating tendencies become more ingrained, any desire to overeat dwindles away.

I feel lighter—physically and mentally, more agile, and while my weight remains the same, my body composition has improved. I’ve noticed some other profound developments as well:

1)   I’m becoming increasingly synesthetic, especially with my perception of sound.

2)   I’m experiencing the future in fragments prior to its arrival.

Let me dive into each a little further . . .

What the Handstand Teaches us About our Infinite Potential

What the Handstand Teaches us About our Infinite Potential

A little less than five years ago, I was afraid to go upside down against a wall.

Then, I met Ido Portal who showed me some foundational elements for working on the handstand.

Obsessively, I worked against a wall for two months before I even started trying to handstand without the wall.

Within six months, I held my first 60-second freestanding handstand. It was ugly, my line wasn't good, and I was shaking, but I got it.

I continued to obsess over the handstand for a total of 18 months: at least one hour per day, every single day, on top of any other movement training and the rest of my life . . .

(Video and article)

The Political Landscape & Heaven on Earth

The Political Landscape & Heaven on Earth

I rarely engage in political commentary on the Internet. Doing so most often seems to further polarize opposing parties, or serves as an echo chamber for those who already share similar ideas.

However, I was recently asked, “do you think the political system is broken?” Here's my response, which I hope inspires and harmonizes:

I think all of reality, including the political system, is the result of our collective consciousness. We literally dream this reality into existence. The current political landscape is a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs on a mass scale. And thus, any flaw in the political system is a flaw in us.

For example, I think Donald Trump is the manifestation . . .

Speciesism, Evolution & Cruelty to Plants

Speciesism, Evolution & Cruelty to Plants

Recently, I heard the term speciesism used for the first time. For those who aren’t familiar, speciesism is mostly used by animal rights advocates, who argue that speciesism is a prejudice similar to racism or sexism, in that the treatment of individuals is predicated on group membership and morally irrelevant physical differences. The argument is that species membership has no moral significance (Ryder Speciesism).

As an athlete who eats a lot of meat, I struggle to reconcile my lifestyle with the ethics of treating animals poorly. On one hand, I’m confident that my nutritional protocol helps me feel and perform better, but on the other, I’m not sure I should end other beings’ existence for my supposed betterment. I’m mindful of the animals I consume: I buy organically raised and humanely treated bison, cow, elk, lamb and chickens from farmers I know and trust; I use virtually every part of the animal including organs, tail and bones; and I treat every meal as though its sacred, taking the time to sit without distraction and appreciate each bite. However, I’m cognizant of the counter argument that a slave owner treating slaves with respect does not neglect the fact that said slave owner enslaves people. I might eat happy animals, but I’m still responsible for their death. . .


Do you ever stare deeply into your own eyes while looking in the mirror? So deeply that the rest of your vision becomes blurred and all that remains is the intensity of your gaze?

I get goosebumps and my eyes swell with tears every time I do it.

I'm staring at all that exists--looking into my soul, into the soul of the universe through my own eyes, periodically wondering which side of the glass I'm on.