Seeing the Future, Telepathically Communicating with Music & Other Superhuman Abilities

Seeing the Future, Telepathically Communicating with Music & Other Superhuman Abilities

For almost a year, I was caught in a cycle of constantly wanting to eat. I love food, and while I had no trouble maintaining my desired body composition, part of my mind was always on food. Most nights, I would overeat. I’d then compensate by fasting until the following afternoon.

I see tremendous benefits from fasting, but not as many benefits when the fasts consistently follow a period of overeating.

Since September, I haven’t overeaten once. I’ve released the behaviour. As my new eating tendencies become more ingrained, any desire to overeat dwindles away.

I feel lighter—physically and mentally, more agile, and while my weight remains the same, my body composition has improved. I’ve noticed some other profound developments as well:

1)   I’m becoming increasingly synesthetic, especially with my perception of sound.

2)   I’m experiencing the future in fragments prior to its arrival.

Let me dive into each a little further . . .

iPods and Synchronicity: Good Morning

iPods and Synchronicity: Good Morning

Something incredible happened this morning.

I was walking to the park minutes after sunrise, thinking about all the synchronicity in my life: each and every day, I’m encountering events and people who inspire me with their energy, their essence and their willingness to be themselves, allowing us to form deep bonds within minutes of knowing one another. The interests and philosophies we share are so congruent that it’s as though we’ve known each other forever—and we probably have.

As I was contemplating all the synchronicity, I realized I hadn’t experienced anything particularly synchronous yesterday, and then an anecdote popped into my conscious awareness . . .