Ketamine, Kechari Mudra, Meteors and Samadhi

Ketamine, Kechari Mudra, Meteors and Samadhi

Note to the Reader: ketamine is a charged word for some. Prior to 2015, I only had negative connotations with the medicine. I thought of it as a dirty drug and never considered trying it.

Following extensive conversations and research in early 2015, I decided to try the medicine with some friends.


At the time, it was the most ineffable experience of my life. My friends and I telepathically synchronized and were able to know things about one another that we hadn't discussed. There was much more to the experience, but I’ll leave that alone for now.

Ketamine is currently being studied in clinical and therapeutic settings. The medicine offers a promising approach to the treatment of depression, PTSD, and other psychological conditions. Furthermore, the medicine has a history of providing transformative personal experiences.

Now, for my story: Ketamine, Kechari Mudra, Meteors and Samadhi:

Just Move

Just Move

One of the most important aspects of our being—something that will help all of us realize our highest and most authentic selves—is misunderstood by 99% of people.

The thing I’m talking about is movement.

Movement is one of the most foundational elements to health and happiness. Exploring the realms of physicality expands our consciousness. The world begins to feel more like a playground, and life more like a dance. 

In modern culture, many people feel limited by their physical vessels, but that need not be the case. You're navigating three-dimensional reality in a spaceship called the body. And, the body is your gift! Your gift to experience, play with, and explore . . .

There is no human endeavour not enhanced by the freedom that comes with a healthy and able body. Each day, we are given the opportunity to expand our movement capacity.

Camp Summerdaze & The Continually Unfolding Magic of our Universe

Camp Summerdaze & The Continually Unfolding Magic of our Universe

Light turns to dark, and we all make our way to a big campfire. Tiki torch and candle flames dance as the scent of Palo Santo fills the air and our nostrils. Soft colourful lights bathe the trees with purples and blues, while a starry night sky and the brilliant half moon decorate our imaginations. The sound system surrounds the space.

I lie down on a blanket, and the sound check alone has people in a meditative trance.

Eduardo sits cross-legged at a low table with candles, a laptop, mixing equipment and microphone before he invites us on a journey.

“Thank you for this special experience everyone. All of it and all of you are truly magic,” he says. “I invite you to get comfortable, lie down, and imagine that you’re in your living room. I’m going to play some music for you. It’s all improvised, and I’m really honoured to share this. Patience will be your friend. I encourage you not to expect anything to happen. Simply relax and allow."

LSD and a 12-hour Orgasm

LSD and a 12-hour Orgasm

Over the summer solstice, I ventured out of town to celebrate two of my dear friends Pandora and Joanna's birthdays in the form of an Alice-In-Wonderland-esque tea party.

A bunch of brilliant, beautiful and loving women dressed in sexy fishnets and skirts, and a group of brilliant and loving men dressed like mad hatters and Burners partook in the celebration.

I took one tab of LSD with the intention of love, abundance, and bliss. And, oh my goodness . . .


What if Everything is the Opposite? And, Human Beings as the Sex Organs of the Machine World

What if everything is the opposite--or, at least radically different--than what we perceive it to be?

What if, instead of human beings being the creator of computers, computers actually use us to create them?

What if, instead of human beings being the inventors of automobiles, we're actually being used by automobiles to birth them into existence?

We think that we domesticated wheat (during the agricultural revolution), but what if wheat actually domesticated humanity?

What if plant medicines, like Ayahuasca and mushrooms, are actually using humans to spread their consciousness and their species?

Seeing the Future, Telepathically Communicating with Music & Other Superhuman Abilities

Seeing the Future, Telepathically Communicating with Music & Other Superhuman Abilities

For almost a year, I was caught in a cycle of constantly wanting to eat. I love food, and while I had no trouble maintaining my desired body composition, part of my mind was always on food. Most nights, I would overeat. I’d then compensate by fasting until the following afternoon.

I see tremendous benefits from fasting, but not as many benefits when the fasts consistently follow a period of overeating.

Since September, I haven’t overeaten once. I’ve released the behaviour. As my new eating tendencies become more ingrained, any desire to overeat dwindles away.

I feel lighter—physically and mentally, more agile, and while my weight remains the same, my body composition has improved. I’ve noticed some other profound developments as well:

1)   I’m becoming increasingly synesthetic, especially with my perception of sound.

2)   I’m experiencing the future in fragments prior to its arrival.

Let me dive into each a little further . . .

What the Handstand Teaches us About our Infinite Potential

A little less than five years ago, I was afraid to go upside down against a wall.

Then, I met Ido Portal who showed me some foundational elements for working on the handstand.

Obsessively, I worked against a wall for two months before I even started trying to handstand without the wall.

Within six months, I held my first 60-second freestanding handstand. It was ugly, my line wasn't good, and I was shaking, but I got it.

I continued to obsess over the handstand for a total of 18 months: at least one hour per day, every single day, on top of any other movement training and the rest of my life.

Flash forward to today, and this is me mere minutes after stepping out of bed. I no longer obsess about the handstand. I hold at least one handstand per day. Every so often, I throw down multiple--like when I dance. The handstand has become both habitual and enjoyable.

We often seek instant gratification, but the handstand journey is one that teaches patience and persistence. And, it demonstrates our profound ability to adapt to the stimuli we provide ourselves. The things that seem impossible today can become as routine as brushing our teeth a few years from now--so long as you're willing to commit.

Whether it's career-related, physically-related, emotionally-related, spiritually-related, or anything else-related, you can do it. You just have to start and good things will happen :) 


The music in the video is courtesy of the wonderful Gabriel Belmudes:

The Political Landscape & Heaven on Earth

The Political Landscape & Heaven on Earth

I rarely engage in political commentary on the Internet. Doing so most often seems to further polarize opposing parties, or serves as an echo chamber for those who already share similar ideas.

However, I was recently asked, “do you think the political system is broken?” Here's my response, which I hope inspires and harmonizes:

I think all of reality, including the political system, is the result of our collective consciousness. We literally dream this reality into existence. The current political landscape is a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs on a mass scale. And thus, any flaw in the political system is a flaw in us.

For example, I think Donald Trump is the manifestation . . .

Experiencing Sadness & Meeting my 5 Year-Old Self

Experiencing Sadness & Meeting my 5 Year-Old Self

Last night, I was experiencing great sadness. I woke up feeling heavy and sad, and then I meditated. 

At first, I talked with myself and said, "everything is okay." I addressed all the concerns I had, acknowledged them, gave them love, and expressed to myself how each individual concern is going to be okay. It felt like I was my own father and mother taking care of myself. It felt like I was holding myself. It felt like I was holding a younger version of myself, like I was holding a little boy. 

I meditated on love for a while. Loving myself. Loving everything. Filling both with love. I meditated on loving you. I meditated on loving friends. . .


To Be.

To Be.

Walking near my house, I become fully present. No past, no future. Just now. 

I become totally observant and astounded by everything--seeing myself as all things and everything: as the tree, as the car, as the condo, as the cloud, as the flower, as the pebble on the driveway beside the aluminum trash can. I am all of these things experiencing themselves through the space in consciousness known as Michael Sanders. 

The now. The moment. It's complete: nothing to want for. 

I'm mesmerized by an air conditioner protruding from a 10th story apartment . . .

Lovelution Valentine's Retreat Recap

A detailed rendition of my experience at our Lovelution Valentine's Retreat. With the help of the 160 Bartley Dr. community in addition to all of our wonderful volunteers, the Retreat turned out to be the most beautiful celebration I've been a part of.

*Note: In the video, I say that the retreat happened a couple of years ago, but I actually meant a couple of weeks ago :)