A Morning Routine to Maximize and Enjoy the Day

Morning routines are wonderful for taking time for ourselves and setting our course for the day. They can prevent us from feeling scattered, and allow us to enter the mindset we want to carry forth in all our daily activities.

My morning routine has been a dear ally for quite some time, so I’ve decided to share. Perhaps it’ll help you too :)

The moment I wake up, I say "thank you, I love you."

Then, I express gratitude for the most beautiful being I've ever known, and I look at her on the mornings she's sleeping beside me.

Meditate for 20-30 minutes while lying in bed.

Use the washroom and perform Nauli Kriya abdominal massage, which is incredible for enhancing digestion.

Drink water. Between 500mL and 1 litre at first.

Warm up movements for 10-15 minutes (barefoot on the grass when the weather's nice): sitting in squat, joint mobility, spinal waves, pull-ups, lizard crawls, rotational bridges, handstand, etc.

Play/move for 1-3 hours with one of: dance, weightlifting, gymnastics strength work/hand balancing, squash, yoga, sprints, swimming. I listen to music with most of these activities.

Then, I either have a green vegan protein smoothie or continue fasting and head into my office to play all day <3 

*Note: I typically refrain from social media until after everything mentioned above.