Michael Sanders loves, plays and enjoys, and he's committed to helping you unlock your infinite potential. The best thing you can do--for yourself and everyone else--is to pursue the things that excite you the most. When you do, you'll shine, and your brilliance will inspire everyone around you. 

Michael is Chief Storyteller & Co-Founder at Horizon Blockchain Games. He is an investor and advisor in various industries, including cryptocurrency, clean energy, education, real estate, precious stones, music and dance. And, he's the author of the best-selling Ayahuasca: An Executive's Enlightenment, a book that will inspire you to unlock your potential.

A mover and athlete, Michael takes time to play every single day. He believes movement and play are essential to health and happiness. Plus, they're so much fun! He loves dance, handstands, strength training, gymnastics, squash, snowboarding, hiking, yoga, and other sports and modalities.

Michael is a meditator. Each morning, he goes inward to connect with peace, joy, gratitude, love, stillness, and infinity. This practice has radically improved his relationship with life.

Passionate about health, Michael combines the above practices with sound nutrition. The best version of himself--physically, mentally, and spiritually--is the one that's best equipped to help others.

Michael is an explorer who loves to travel, wander through consciousness, and investigate new ideas. He sees everything as interconnected--the universe and the multiverse as one giant web of synchronicity. There is no separation. All is one. The microcosm is the macrocosm.

To the best of his abilities, Michael embodies unconditional love and treats each and every thing and everyone as a sovereign being that's free to make its own choices.