Just Move

One of the most important aspects of our being—something that will help all of us realize our highest and most authentic selves—is misunderstood by 99% of people.

The thing I’m talking about is movement.

Movement is one of the most foundational elements to health and happiness. Exploring the realms of physicality expands our consciousness. The world begins to feel more like a playground, and life more like a dance. 

In modern culture, many people feel limited by their physical vessels, but that need not be the case. You're navigating three-dimensional reality in a spaceship called the body. And, the body is your gift! Your gift to experience, play with, and explore.

There is no human endeavour not enhanced by the freedom that comes with a healthy and able body. Each day, we are given the opportunity to expand our movement capacity. Take something as simple as getting up off the floor. Many people's movements look ugly while they do this. But, what happens when we improve our ability to move, so that every movement becomes beautiful? To move with grace is to live with grace. And, to expand your movement capacity affords you the freedom to play. Your physicality is limited only by your imagination. What could be more fun than that?

Plus, if you don’t move now, you won’t be able to tomorrow. Our bodies adapt and conform to the stimuli we provide them. You’ve probably noticed elderly people who don’t move well. You may have even noticed declining mobility within yourself. Poor movement is the result of lack of movement. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your body needs to feel worse as you age.

Each and every day, I devote one, three, sometimes twenty hours to movement and play, in the forms of dance, hand balancing, gymnastics, weightlifting, Floreio, mobility, snowboarding, Parkour, acrobatics, squash, yoga, swimming, basketball, rock climbing, injury prehabilitation, exploration, stillness, meditation, and more.

The words I share can only do so much to help you understand what movement really means, and to inspire you to explore and understand your body and yourself more deeply. Fortunately, there’s a film that has the potential to radically enhance your life.

The film is called Ido Portal – Just Move, and it was created by London Real. You can watch it for free here: https://londonreal.tv/ido

Ido Portal changed my life when I met him five and a half years ago. The man is a genius, a mover, a philosopher, a guide, and perhaps the greatest human teacher I’ve ever encountered. The film I’ve linked above is the single best resource for gaining some of Ido’s vast knowledge without attending one of his camps, internships, or workshops. I suspect that after you watch, you’ll want to attend one of the aforementioned.

Movement isn’t just movement. Movement is life.

Just Move.