What the Handstand Teaches us About our Infinite Potential

A little less than five years ago, I was afraid to go upside down against a wall.

Then, I met Ido Portal who showed me some foundational elements for working on the handstand.

Obsessively, I worked against a wall for two months before I even started trying to handstand without the wall.

Within six months, I held my first 60-second freestanding handstand. It was ugly, my line wasn't good, and I was shaking, but I got it.

I continued to obsess over the handstand for a total of 18 months: at least one hour per day, every single day, on top of any other movement training and the rest of my life.

Flash forward to today, and this is me mere minutes after stepping out of bed. I no longer obsess about the handstand. I hold at least one handstand per day. Every so often, I throw down multiple--like when I dance. The handstand has become both habitual and enjoyable.

We often seek instant gratification, but the handstand journey is one that teaches patience and persistence. And, it demonstrates our profound ability to adapt to the stimuli we provide ourselves. The things that seem impossible today can become as routine as brushing our teeth a few years from now--so long as you're willing to commit.

Whether it's career-related, physically-related, emotionally-related, spiritually-related, or anything else-related, you can do it. You just have to start and good things will happen :) 


The music in the video is courtesy of the wonderful Gabriel Belmudes: https://soundcloud.com/gabriel-belmudes/gabriel-belmudes-i-the-pilgrimage-el-camino-a-tulum