The Political Landscape & Heaven on Earth

I rarely engage in political commentary on the Internet. Doing so most often seems to further polarize opposing parties, or serves as an echo chamber for those who already share similar ideas.

However, I was recently asked, “do you think the political system is broken?” Here's my response, which I hope inspires and harmonizes:

I think all of reality, including the political system, is the result of our collective consciousness. We literally dream this reality into existence. The current political landscape is a reflection of our inner thoughts and beliefs on a mass scale. And thus, any flaw in the political system is a flaw in us.

For example, I think Donald Trump is the manifestation of the darkness that exists inside our species—a darkness that has resided below the surface; a darkness now coming to light. In fact, I think Donald and the ideas he shares are (hopefully) emblematic of a collective purge. I.e. now that the latent racism that has remained in the cultural psyche for so long is coming to light, we can acknowledge it, deal with it, and evolve past it to a hopefully more harmonious way of life—for everyone.

The current political system, like Trump's racist commentary, does not resonate with my conscious thinking; however, I think that at some level, it must resonate with my shadow thinking, or at the very least, with the collective's shadow thinking—evidenced by the fact that the current political system exists. The US election is really only the entertainment division of the military industrial complex: analogous to a cheap reality TV show designed to distract us from our autonomy and our infinitely powerful divinity.

As Noam Chomsky (a controversial character, no doubt, but he certainly holds some pearls of wisdom) writes, "In any state, whether a democratic state or a totalitarian state, the rulers rely on consent. They have to make sure the people they are ruling do not understand that the people actually have the power. That is the fundamental principle of government."

The US election is reductive and deliberately perpetuates the illusion that there are only two unworthy candidates to choose from. In reality, there are infinite options for who (if anyone) "leads" a nation. We've just been duped into believing that we can only choose between the chosen democratic candidate and the chosen republican candidate. This narrative of "one or the other" is propagated so strongly (consider that the US election campaign seems to begin years before the actual election date) to distract us from knowing that we're the real leader. The narrative emasculates individuality. In other words, the narrative undermines individuals into believing that we must relinquish our responsibility (to lead) and hand it over to someone else—like a government or political representative. Plus, from a political perspective, I don't think it really matters if Hillary or Donald were to win. If one or the other were in office, I don't think we'd actually see starkly contrasted political decision making, since I largely perceive the President as a figurehead representing the dollars that back them. Culturally though, the difference between Hillary or Donald could be substantial. Donald's winning could devastate a lot of Americans and place them into a state of hopeless despair and fear. I'm sure an equally grave scenario could be imagined with a Hillary victory.

Now, does this mean the political system is broken? I think it's broken only so far as you subscribe to the system. And thus, in any moment, we can change the political landscape. Reality is malleable, which means, when you provide an input, you will change the course of history. So, what I like to do is, be the change I want to see in the world. I live on the frequency that things are already harmonious, and thus, my outer world reflects these inner thinkings. And, if everyone did this, I think things like the farce we call the US election would disappear, and something far better would emerge.

For the record, I don't think this way of being (i.e. living on this frequency) is escapism or delusional. In fact, I think living on a harmonious frequency is as grounded as it gets and a practical means to usher in an evolved reality. As Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem at the level of thinking that created it."

We live in a (non-religious) heaven on Earth. If everyone could adopt that mentality, it'd become heaven on Earth for everybody.