DMT, Other Dimensions and Unconditional Love

“My intention is love, heal, explore, surrender, celebrate, be, gratitude, play.”

Coyote passes me the hummingbird pipe as Spirit sets an intention and blesses me with sage.

I inhale the N,N-DMT smoke derived from Jurema before gasping more air.

“Hold it deep in your lungs with stillness,” Coyote says.

I hold full lungs for 60 seconds before a warming sensation and buzzing sound fills half of my consciousness. I exhale a pleasurable sigh.

Coyote torches the pipe once more as I lift it to my mouth for a second inhalation. The warmth becomes more extreme as geometric checkered patterns of black and white with flashing lights begin to occupy the vast majority of my awareness. I hold the smoke in for longer this time before exhaling with an orgasmic sigh.

I inhale and exhale for another round, and a conscious being—large and round with a slight feminine essence that also embodies the masculine—emerges from the patterns.  The being lovingly approaches close to my face as I receive the hummingbird pipe for a fourth time. As I try to inhale, I’m unsure whether I’m missing the hole or if I can simply no longer feel the smoke due to saturation. The being encourages me to lie back with a wave of lights and colours.

Artwork by  B Star

Artwork by B Star

I fall back onto the pillow and the explosion of lights and colours fills the cosmos. I see powerful sounds flowing from the being, directly through me, and I belt out the loudest ohming sound I can possibly make—though it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything at all. Rather, the sound simply flows through me. To resist would be difficult.

The sound blasts through my body, my mind, my heart and my soul as I splay out on the floor, heart exposed to the universe. Over and over, sounds—big powerful sounds—flood from this dimension and rip through me. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMM!!! WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWMMMMMMMM!!!! OOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMBBBBBB!!!! WWWWEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! They feel so good, so clearing, so uplifting, so healing, so playful, as lights explode and more beings enter the space.

These entities, conscious beings of the sixth dimension, play and dance before and with me. A female being that’s connected with Spirit dances and cartwheels by placing one hand in my heart before flipping over. Back and forth she goes, cartwheeling with my heart, flashing brilliant pinks and greens in essence, but with greater iridescence. A more masculine being, who’s connected with Coyote, stands in place with a bouncing vibration and holds a black colour of flashing brilliance. Both beings occupy multiple places at one time, so it feels as though there are actually four or six beings. The beings reach into my heart and body to play and give me love. It’s so much fun, so light hearted and so uplifting. Pure joy.

My eyes periodically and briefly float open to see the kaleidoscopic, light-filled and connected nature of the third dimension.

My left arm shakes and then elevates. My right arm elevates and then both fall wide open, fully surrendered to the experience—an experience unlike any in the third dimension. The beings’ abilities to move through space and time are so fascinating. They show me how to move through “space” in ways that the third dimension seemingly doesn’t allow for, as they continue to dance and play in the explosion of lights and sounds.

The didgeridoo blasts into my heart with brilliant orange and yellow—a glowing sun of love.

White light rips through my being, aligning every chakra with love and glory. The right side of my brain becomes incredibly heavy. Like, really heavy, as though gravity has become fifteen times stronger on that portion of my head, and it feels so good.

The beings and the sixth dimension drift toward the left side of my perceptual field as the visual experience begins to soften and the flashes of light become subtler. The glowing sun of love remains in the centre of my being as I approach the return to sobriety. But, the experience isn’t over yet and I feel a sensation of lightning flowers electrify my body. My spine arches and I balance on the crown of my head as energy ascends through me. I collapse back to the floor and the arch happens twice more—damn, it feels good! I spit and fart my tongue and feel droplets of saliva sprinkle my face. There’s such joy in bringing form to the formless. What a gift to have a body! What a gift to play in the 3D!

Electric flowers.jpg

Subtle rainbows and lights flash through my consciousness, my awareness, and the dimensions I’m interfacing with. Subtle by comparison to the visuals earlier in the journey, but profound compared with regular waking reality.

The journey seems to be drifting away, but I notice a dark cloud with the subtlest rainbows sprinkled throughout it.

I ascend to investigate the cloud and see it has a face of some sort. A masculine being that looks dark and contradicts my typical perceptions of beauty, but I’ve learned that not everything’s essence can be judged by its appearance. In fact, some other-dimensional beings with terrifying and ominous aesthetics are actually loving beyond bounds. Plus, I understand that there’s nothing to fear. Nothing can take anything from you, unless you allow it to. I know that I’m protected by unconditional love. So protected that the unconditional love actually transcends the need for protection—like an infinite beam of light and ice that can’t be latched onto. There is simply nothing to take away.

I welcome the dark being, say “yes” aloud, open my heart and fully surrender to him. He approaches and extends an arm towards me. He reaches for my heart before the didgeridoo blasts in his direction and he cowers in fear. He floats away before dissolving in the right upper portion of the ether. I intuit that he wanted to steal something from me but realized that his effort was futile.

Artwork by  B Star

Artwork by B Star

“I love you,” I whisper to him. “I love you, and I hope you are well.” I know he just wants love. He simply needs to find it within himself, since stealing doesn’t work.

I spit and fart my tongue some more as the drool droplets dance on my face. Ah, such joy in bringing form to the formless.

I open my eyes to see Spirit, with eyes closed, playing the didgeridoo beside me. I sit up cross-legged, a smile beaming across my face and inside my heart. I see the world with a somewhat mushroomy filter—physical reality is a little more cartoony than usual.

Spirit feeds me a strawberry that ruptures light and love and joyous flavour inside my mouth and dances across every taste bud. I laugh. Haha, such joy in bringing form to the formless. Coyote kneels beside me and we hug. I hug Spirit. I smile and thank everyone in the room before going to sit down on my pillow in our group of nine’s circle. The digital clock displays 9:42.

Cosmic form.jpg

Cover artwork by B Star