DMT, Other Dimensions and Unconditional Love

DMT, Other Dimensions and Unconditional Love

“My intention is love, heal, explore, surrender, celebrate, be, gratitude, play.”

Alder passes me the hummingbird pipe as Morgan sets an intention and blesses me with sage.

I inhale the N,N-DMT smoke derived from Jurema before gasping more air.

“Hold it deep in your lungs with stillness,” Alder says.

I hold full lungs for 60 seconds before a warming sensation and buzzing sound fills half of my consciousness. I exhale a pleasurable sigh.

Alder torches the pipe once more as I lift it to my mouth for a second inhalation . . .

Ketamine, Kechari Mudra, Meteors and Samadhi

Ketamine, Kechari Mudra, Meteors and Samadhi

Note to the Reader: ketamine is a charged word for some. Prior to 2015, I only had negative connotations with the medicine. I thought of it as a dirty drug and never considered trying it.

Following extensive conversations and research in early 2015, I decided to try the medicine with some friends.


At the time, it was the most ineffable experience of my life. My friends and I telepathically synchronized and were able to know things about one another that we hadn't discussed. There was much more to the experience, but I’ll leave that alone for now.

Ketamine is currently being studied in clinical and therapeutic settings. The medicine offers a promising approach to the treatment of depression, PTSD, and other psychological conditions. Furthermore, the medicine has a history of providing transformative personal experiences.

Now, for my story: Ketamine, Kechari Mudra, Meteors and Samadhi: