DMT, Other Dimensions and Unconditional Love

DMT, Other Dimensions and Unconditional Love

“My intention is love, heal, explore, surrender, celebrate, be, gratitude, play.”

Alder passes me the hummingbird pipe as Morgan sets an intention and blesses me with sage.

I inhale the N,N-DMT smoke derived from Jurema before gasping more air.

“Hold it deep in your lungs with stillness,” Alder says.

I hold full lungs for 60 seconds before a warming sensation and buzzing sound fills half of my consciousness. I exhale a pleasurable sigh.

Alder torches the pipe once more as I lift it to my mouth for a second inhalation . . .

11 Keys to Living a Liberated Life

11 Keys to Living a Liberated Life

Recently, I've been asked about the practices I use to live a liberated life. I've been asked a number of times, so I've created this post as a means of sharing for anyone who's interested:

To live a liberated life, I think one best focus on oneself.

When we love ourselves deeply by cultivating an infinite amount of self love, we feel whole. As expressions of the same oneness, I find that when I feel whole (which I am), all feels whole. 

I think we need to be uncompromising in the love we express to ourselves. I'll share with you some of the practices and tools I use to do so: