Blockchain 2038 (The Future Myth)

February 27, 2038

We live in a world where people live symbiotically with nature. We value our harmony with all other entities. We recognize that there is nothing to extract, and only everything to share. Energy transfers from one form to another and from one set of hands to the next. We do not own, but instead temporarily hold.

We measure our holdings with the blockchain. The blockchain keeps track of energy flow and exchange in a publicly accessible manner. Our understanding of energy flow, rather than energy ownership, informs our relationships with other humans, as well as our relationships with all beings.

We all share this economy. We all share this Earth. We all share this universe. And, the blockchain is allowing us to transcend our need for an artificial ledger altogether.

Cosmically, karmically, we have always lived with a ledger so ubiquitous that it’s invisible. It’s nice that we all see that now.



Thank you to The Return, Esalen, Hàbitas, Crystal Rose, and all the other wonderful beings for providing the space, love and prompt for this future myth.