To Be.

Walking near my house, I become fully present. No past, no future. Just now. 

I become totally observant and astounded by everything--seeing myself as all things and everything: as the tree, as the car, as the condo, as the cloud, as the flower, as the pebble on the driveway beside the aluminum trash can. I am all of these things experiencing themselves through the space in consciousness known as Michael Sanders. 

The now. The moment. It's complete: nothing to want for. 

I'm mesmerized by an air conditioner protruding from a 10th story apartment. "Air conditioner": what does that mean? To condition air. The idea that cold air could be blown into the tiny apartment--a microcosmic climate situated in the midst of a much larger one. Wow, that's so beautiful. 

The way people have trimmed trees to make way for telephone wires, and the trees acquiesced--similar to the way the river acquiesces to the rocks affecting its flow. This symbiosis of all things: nothing outside of it. 

The music. The MUSIC! It fills my soul and my eyes periodically roll upwards. The sounds flow through my body and I move and groove, sometimes touching my hands to the pavement to duck walk and lizard crawl, cartwheel and handstand, all to flow with the beat--to dance with the rhythm of the universe: a dance that unfolds all ways at all times, even if we're not aware of it. 

To appreciate the sheer wonder and beauty of an environment I move past so frequently--to feel like an explorer, a discoverer within my own neighbourhood! To feel like a backpacking adventurer, or as though I've travelled to another planet, despite not having wandered beyond running distance of my own home. To revel in the beauty of this existence without the desire for anything more. 

To be totally present and at peace. With myself. With all. To be mesmerized by existence itself. To be in love with my ability to perceive. To be in love with all. To wonder, to marvel, and to dance. To be. To be. To be.