Thank You

Expressing gratitude is the most reality transforming practice I’ve discovered. For, “it is not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy.”

I just had the second most profound meditation of my life (the first being during my third Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru earlier this year). I expressed thanks to all of you: my family, my friends, the shamans I’ve worked with, my colleagues, the people who I don’t necessarily share a strong connection with, all the people of the world who I’ve yet to meet, all the people who have come before me, and all the people who will come after me. I expressed thanks to the animals, plants and other life forms on our planet. I thanked Mother Earth, Mother Ayahuasca, our universe, the multiverse, the beings of different dimensions, and the different dimensions themselves. I thanked space, time, and existence itself. I expressed gratitude for creativity, love, joy, language, music, peace and enlightenment. I thanked myself. I thanked the Creator. I thanked the difficulties I’ve endured, the challenges that have taught me so much. I thanked opportunity, and the ability to be; the wind on my skin, the grass on my legs, and the sun on my face. I thanked every and all things, and the feeling that came over me was the happiest, most wonderful, most peaceful feeling I’ve had the fortune of knowing. A beaming smile occupied my face while joyful tears swelled in my closed eyelids, and I felt light—like I was floating. And, I still feel all of this. And, I am grateful for that.

The reason I share this with all of you is because I hope you recognize that you create your reality. Thoughts become things, and in fact, are things already. By being mindful of your thoughts, you can create the most wonderful reality. This isn’t to say you can completely transform your life with one meditation. Shaping your life takes dedication, and it requires practice and patience. You have to do the things you know are right. When you do, resistance will dissipate and you will flow with the rhythm of the universe, and the rhythm of your dreams. Your life might not always be easy, but it will always be right, so long as you do the right things. You are powerful beyond all conceivable measure. You are infinite. Please embrace it, and embrace yourself. And, be grateful for all of it.


Thank you :)