Consider that everything you know might be wrong

Consider that everything you think you know might be wrong.

We used to know that the Earth was flat. We used to know that the Earth was the centre of the universe. We used to think that humans were separate from the other animals.

We used to know that human flight was impossible. We used to know that running a mile in under four minutes could not be done. We used to know that communicating face-to-face in real time with a person on the other side of the planet was out of the question.

All of these conclusions were arrived at by intelligent and reasonable people. But, the problem with reason is that it operates within a paradigm; and while paradigms try to articulate reality, they are independent from it. For example, the paradigm in which humans could not fly was an attempt at describing reality, but it was not true. To breakthrough to new discoveries, we must shatter the paradigms in which we operate and see the possibilities abound.

Today, we know that we can’t teleport. We know that telepathic communication isn’t real. We know that visiting other dimensions can’t be done. And, we know that time travel is impossible.

But, what if we can do all of those things? Perhaps not all of them in this moment, but eventually.

We spend hours each day tapped into the collective consciousness of all humanity via a screen that can take us almost anywhere in the world. At our fingertips is the ability to speak with any person we know in an instant. We work inside structures that soar high into the clouds: all feats our ancestors would have recognized as impossible. Almost everything we do today was at one time impossible.

I think that nothing is impossible, and that “impossibility” is merely nomenclature—a word designed to stifle imagination, but a word that often inspires the imagination of those unwilling to concede. If you can think something, it can be realized. Everything humans have created originated as an idea, inside someone’s imagination.

So, while you might not know anything for sure, you can surely do anything you can imagine.