Unintentionally, I started visualizing microorganisms dividing and spreading, then evolving into grass and other plants. Then, I saw buffalo eating the grass and the slaughter of the bison I have in my freezer. I then saw the bison integrating with my body to help me grow via my digestive tract and other organs. I watched as I ate numerous bison (and other animals) throughout my life before dying and decomposing in the earth, and then my cells redistributed like microorganisms dividing and spreading before they evolved into grass, and a bison started eating them, and the cycle repeated. And, I saw myself as a small part of the Earth as the Earth is a small part of the solar system, and the solar system part of the Milky Way, and so on and on.

The sun was beaming on my skin and it made me feel an intense joy that culminated in a smile on my face.

I felt more than connected to all of it; I was all of it. I am all of it.