Finite Wormholes

Naked and at the speed of light, I zoom down some intergalactic highway. I soar past planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, galactic clusters, the universe. It’s so colourful: blues, greens, reds, whites, yellows, purples, indigos, every colour you can imagine and more. Explosions and contractions, life and death, beginnings and ends. Space flies past me and I fly through space, and despite travelling at the speed of light with my skin exposed, I’m comfortable. I see the entire universe as I fly faster than ever before and wonder what I’ll see next. THWAP! I’m halted by an invisible wall that I’ve crashed into. My vantage point remains a spectacular one—stars swirl around intergalactic centres—as I punch my open palms against the invisible wall. The wall has formed a cube around me and gives a little before rebounding each time I push against it.

“What the hell? I thought the universe was infinite,” I say before I wake up in my bed.