A message I sent to Steph the morning of July 4, 2015

Reader’s note: On July 3, my friend Steph messaged me telling me to read Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak, a book about the Pleiadians. Steph was insistent I read it, and based on the mind-blowing books she’s had me read in the past, I knew I’d indulge.

Another note: Dave is my best friend who died in a tragic accident October 17, 2010. Steph was dating Dave at the time.

Wow, Steph! I read the preface to Bringers of the Dawn (is that the title?) right before I fell asleep last night and I spent a week with Dave in my "dreams." So many of the guys from our crew got together to hang and we were all talking with Dave about his return (though, we weren't sure how long it would last). P Rob, Toman, Hammill, Darrin were there, and so were Dave's parents.

I spent a lot of time bonding and talking with Dave. It felt so awesome for both of us to hang out again, though we both acknowledged that we’re never really apart. The last thing I remember was asking him what death was like and did he remember. He smiled and said, "I don't remember, man," but with moist eyeballs and joy on his face, it was obvious that he felt something amazing towards death--that he was definitely having a beautiful time.

I then woke from the "dream" to the sound of my neighbour’s house being demolished as part of a rebuild. I wanted to call Toman because I wanted to verify that the experience with Dave was real. Interestingly, I could see Toman, despite the fact that he was on the other side of the city, and he was still hanging out with all the guys and they were playing road hockey. Someone got injured playing hockey and all the other guys were in the garage, which was to the left of where my consciousness was, so I couldn't see them, but I could feel them, and my friend Phil was giving the injured person an injection (they had a busted open leg or something). So, as I was about to call Toman, I could see him and he received a call from my friend Dr. Spolo (amazing athlete who I met overseas. He doesn’t know any of my university friends, and yet he was calling Toman like they knew each other). Dr. Spolo was screaming into the phone and Toman was telling him to shut the fuck up and saying "call Phil, man. I'm not a fucking doctor. You tell him!"

"No, I can't get a hold of Phil. You fucking tell him to stop with the injection. FUCKING STOP! FUCKING STOP IT NOW!!" Dr. Spolo screamed in this high pitched and violent tone.

"Fuck you, man! I don't know what the fuck you're talking about," Toman screamed back. "You're an asshole."

Dr. Spolo was screaming so violently that the phone shot from Toman's hands and started shooting and "walking" across the floor towards Phil and the injured guy and I could hear Spolo’s screams through my vision. Toman went to chase after the phone and at first couldn't get his hands on it--it's like Spolo's screams possessed the phone with life.

Toman finally dropped to his knees and got his hands on the phone, and I decided to call him at that time. I could see my number pop up on his call display. For a second, I thought Toman was going to screen me, but then he answered.

"Sandy, what's up?" he asked.

"You're talking to Dr. Spolo right now, aren't you?"

"What the fuck? Yeah. How do you know that?"

"I can see you."


"From an out of body perspective. Things are happening, and it's like I don't always need my body, and I can go places without it."

"Honestly, that doesn't surprise me, Sanders. You're into some weird stuff."

"Dude, I don't know the details, but I have a feeling Spolo's right. Though, he's not handling the situation the best. He has a bit of an ego."

"Yeah, I don't know. I'm not a doctor," Toman says. "Anyways, why are you calling? It's good to hear from you."

"Hear from me?" I asked. "We were just together for the past few days, weren't we?"

"Huh? Uhh man . . ." Toman said and I could now tell he was a bit drunk.

"Chris, the reason I'm calling is because we just spent the last few days with Dave, right? He came to hang out with us. In fact, I feel like he's still in that garage to your left."

"Sandy? Man . . ."

"You're telling me that didn't happen?"

"Dude, I've been hanging with the boys drinking this weekend. Dave wasn't here. He's dead, man."

"Yeah, but he came to visit. Are you serious, man? You and I were just hanging out yesterday! I was 100% certain prior to this call. And now, I’m still 99.9% certain, but your doubt has dropped my conviction from 100%."

"Wow, Sandy. Nah man. I haven't seen you in a while. Crazy though. I've had such vivid dreams before and I woke up thinking they were real. This one time . . ."

"No man, this wasn't a dream. We spent time with Dave."

And then I woke up again, again to the sounds of the house next door being demolished as part of a rebuild, but still feeling a continuous steam of consciousness with my phone call with Toman. Ah, Toman just must not be ready to see this stuff, I thought.

I lay under the covers knowing I had hung out with Dave. It was not a dream. I could feel it. And then the preface to the Pleiadians book came to my awareness and the author describing her first encounter with three blue beings and that it was not a dream--that it was real--but that over time, her mind started to categorize the experience as a dream.[1]

I then picked up my phone to message you, and when I did, I saw a Snapchat notification from P Rob. Now that I've typed this message to you, my mind's categorizing the experience as a dream, but when I started writing this (it's taken a while since I'm texting), I knew it wasn't a dream.


[1] Pleiadians are said to be an alien species from the future that are ancestral to humans. Bat-shit crazy, right? I know, and I once thought the same, but over time, Pleiadians have been mentioned to me by a number of wonderful people. Now, I’m open to their existence. Marciniak’s book is about her experience with the Pleiadians. The preface explains her first encounter with them, during which she was lying in bed and three blue beings visited her. At the time, she knew it wasn’t a dream, but then for a while, her mind categorized it as such. She’s since returned to realizing it wasn’t a dream. Just read the preface, if you’re interested. It won’t take you long, and her writing style indicates she’s an intelligent person: http://www.universe-people.com/english/svetelna_knihovna/htm/en/en_kniha_bringers_of_the_dawn.htm